Error installing modules from mapped network drive 'Documents' folder

VCV Rack 2 is unable to install modules that I download (Windows 10 Pro, VCV Rack 2 v2.1.2).

I’m logged in, and I download the VCV Rack Fundamentals modules. When I restart VCV Rack 2 to install the downloaded package, an error pops-up stating ‘Could not extract plugin package’ with the path to the plugin package.

The package does exist, I can see it via File Explorer.

I believe the problem may be that my home folder is mapped to a network drive, has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a way to specify a download folder on my local machine instead to fix the issue?

(I’m running as ‘Admin’ when using VCV Rack 2 so that isn’t the problem).


Thanks @Yeager that solved it!

In case anyone else comes this way, it’s worth appending ‘Rack2’ to your new chosen user folder path, as it only seems to automatically append that to the original. Otherwise you’ll end up dumping the Rack 2 user data directly into your user documents folder like me…

Probably. Rack doesn’t like having plugins (and probably patches) on OneDrive, DropBox and the likes, so it seems like the likely culprit.