erica synths modules and Rack v2

Does anyone have information about the “erica synths” modules and Rack v2? I wanted to ask around here first before contacting the developer.

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@Raph might have a better idea than most.

OK, I will ask him if he is planning an upgrade.

From what I read on facebook, it is on its way for V2

yep, Raphaël (Hora = the programmer of the Erica plugin) said he will update it for v2


Thanks for the info, that’s good to hear.


The erica synths plugin is compiled for V2 yet, I will probably add the possibility to get a lower CPU load and also lower quality (more alisaing) on the black wavetable VCO. The original module gives a prettty noticeable aliasing so this seems to make sens but I don’t have ask to erica synths if they are OK with that. I would like also to offer a module which gives the exact same feature than the pico drum but in a bigger module with knobs and cv inputs for every paramaters but I have to ask erica about it too.


I especially welcome the maxi-pico-drum initiative. :slight_smile:

But I’d be also perfectly happy with an extender module that has all the additional buttons. A simple ‘programming assistant’ module.

The problem with the extender solution is how to communicate with the pico drum module witheout adding inputs to this. The maxi module solution seems less tricky to me.

Dear @Raph,

Is there any news on your picoDrum plans?

Specially the maxi-picoDrum?

Is it on-hold or off-the-table?

Cheers, A.

Or anything else, for that matter @Raph?

The Erica Synths lineup is such a vast and interesting set of modules, why stop at just Octa, Wavetable VCO and Pico Drum?