Erica Black Wavetable CPU Usage.

Seems like a lot. This is with 4 voices. Weirdly it seems as though even with one voice it uses the same 37.7% of CPU on my machine.

I wondered because I have an I7 machine I was never before able to max out. It turns out using 4 Black Wavetable VCOs does the trick nicely.


yikes, I can repro that here on an M1 Mac o_O file a bug pretty please

yeah, that’s really bad. On the good side, it is one of the cleaner wavetables.


Strange, I don’t have such issue. I’m on Windows 10 Pro/21H2, Intel(R) Core™ i7-3520M / Intel HD 4000 build in graphics. VCV Rack 2.1.2, Single CPU tread. erica_VCO

11.2 is an enormous cpu percentage.

here on my ryzen laptop it only uses about 3.4%
but just setting the sub to 20.0/2.0 it goes up to 4.5%

How many voices poly on that? How does it compare to other wavetables? Please others, if you could include the polyphony number in your future posts?

I’m going to make our next module exactly the same yellow colour as the CPU meter to confound you all. Muah ha ha!


ok, it was 1 voice poly,
but with 4 voices poly it is about 11 to 12.5% here.
and with the sub setting 20.0/2.0 about 16%

Those sound like very large numbers to me. Aren’t they?

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16 voices

8 voices

VCV Rack 2.12, Sample Rate 48KHz, 3 Threads

Mac OS12.4 CPU: 3GHz 6-core Intel Core i5

Can we just check none of these posts are from people running at 352.8 kHz sample rate?

Now do the same and also connect the sub out to the mixer and set the sub switch in the lower position :wink:

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ScreenSlave already confirmed

I was definitely running 44.1khz