Entropy of consciousness

I’m Back … Hello Rackerz. This is my first movie since coming back from the hospital. At last, I am slowly gaining momentum and willingness to create new things. It just so happens that recently a few new modules appeared. New toys for naughty boys hehe … First of all a new module Tides 2 (from MI) aka. tidial modulator 2 in AudibleInstrument Preview, next is Foundry from ImpromptuModular (thanks to Marc Boulé - great job), Entropia from Geodesics (I compiled based on the Github repository (thanks to Pyer Clyrd and Marc Boulé). That’s all folks for today :stuck_out_tongue:

So that’s it, thanks for watching this video, don’t forget click the ok button if you like this. Or if want see more you can subscribe my channel. See You in my next movie.

Also You can find more on my Bandcamp site. You can listen, you can buy it if you want.


Welcome back Matheusz!

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Awesome sounds you made there. :slight_smile:

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Lovely Sounds, glad to have you back again!

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