Entrian Sequencer Step record With Computer Keyboard

I’m trying to step record with the notes from the computer keyboard but the sequencer is not advancing the playhead as I enter notes. The notes always go at the beat where the playhead most recently was stopped after running. Also if I manually drag the playhead, the entry beat is not changed. So the notes pile up on that beat.

Enabling or disabling quantization makes no difference. Changing steps per beat changes the length of the notes but they all still go where the playhead stopped, even if the playhead is manually dragged to a different beat.

What am I doing wrong?

Do you have Run switched off, Record switched on, and both a V/Oct and a Gate connected? That ought to do it:


Ah. Got it!

I thought the sequencer could directly record key presses. I wasn’t using the MIDI CV module at all.

Now I can record. Thanks!

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