Entrian modules

In the Entrian suite, and typically the sequencer, I have some difficulties to understand how to use a CV track to adjust for instance the volume on a track, or the pitch to make portamento for instance. When we adjust a curve in a CV track, we see equivalent values in pitch scale, level, etc. But is it possible to assign this CV directly to a note track, or do we have to manage that with outside modules?

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Using modular is kind of ‘back to basics’ so things that might be one or two twists of a knob or click of a button to sort out on a non modular synth we have to do ourselves either by using further modules or increasing the ‘wiring’.

One method for imposing dynamics like velocity would be to use the cv out to affect the level of a VCA/mixer that the sound source is playing. Personally I’d not make the range of velocity very large, but it’s personal choice, I’d just make sure it’s applied like a multiplier between 0 and 1 after the envelope so you don’t affect the general shape of the sound.

if you just want to change the volume of individual notes, record velocity into entrian and use the velocity out with a vca. if you want to change the volume of a sound smoothly, you have to use the cv track.

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