Entrian Melody Issue

Using 8Face to switch between phrases in Entrian Melody.

How can you switch between phrases in Entrian Melody without it resetting the play head? So, it carries on at any point in the timeline/bar, but with the new phrase playing.

Any ideas welcome…

Entrian Melody has a CV-Input for the Phrase. When you switch via that Input the playhead continues.

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Yes, that’s the right way to do this. Here’s a bit more detail:

You can supply a voltage to choose which phrase to play (using notes C3-C5 to represent the 25 phrases) or you can trigger the next phrase, or trigger a random phrase. Right-click the panel to set which option you want to use.

You can also choose whether the change of phrase happens immediately, or whether it doesn’t take effect until the end of the current phrase - in the popup editor, choose one of the “Instant / End of phrase” options.

Hope that helps!

When using 8Face you create a snapshot of the entire state of a module, in this case including the position of the playhead.

Best to use the method as described above. You could use Bogaudio ADDR sequencer, but there are also plenty of other ways.

Thank you, everyone. I now use an 8face next to a CV generator which switches phases. Problem solved.

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