Entrian Drummer sequencer(s) - swing?

What I found to be really cool is if you have an advanced swing setting, like you have in Renoise or with this module:

In Renoise it’s just applied globally, which sucks a bit, but maybe just have one or two swing settings and checkboxes to select the tracks their applied to. Just an idea… I’ll have to check again how I could apply more swing myself… I’m pretty swingless here mostly…

Maybe not 16 steps like in this module… 4 should be enough for a sequencer like yours, and cooler than 2… :slight_smile:

only drums is a good start, but later surely it would be great to have swing for melody and cv too.

the orangeline example is a nice implementation of humanizing beats, just for swing it is a bit too much, your own explanation is sufficient imho.