enCore Jooper = Turning sequences on and off

On the left side of the enCore there are green buttons to turn on and off patterns. How do I connect something like jooper to it? I Thanks!

If there’s no inbuilt way to drive module changes from cv then check out Stoermelder’s great library of utilities, you’ll usually find a way to use those to do what you want

especially these…


There is the ability to click with a mouse and a cv in, just trying to figure how to use Jooper with it.

I think it probably can’t be done. The way the on/off works on enCore makes it impossible. It’s a flip/flop click once it’s on click again its off, there is no way to tell what state it’s in. Normally you can use a gate, where high is on, low is off, but feeding the on/off buttons with a gate does not work like you want in order to use it with Jooper.

Wonder why it has the cv input then

to switch it on and off with a trigger !

Even now it wont even let me turn it on and off with a mouse click.

Bummer, really love the work flow.

Strange that one patch I can manual turn off a pattern but not on another.