Emulating Bitwig's Per Voice Modulation

This is a pretty easy way to do something like that:

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That’s my motto. I have noticed alot of modules that look glamorous, but under the hood they are causing havoc. So I stick to my very small collection of modules that I trust. Your modules definitely being part of them.

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Well, I hope Fundamental and Bogaudio are Mind Meld are on that list. They all seem super high quality and low CPU.

:smile: when I started with VCV a couple of years ago, I read a blog where somebody recommended which plugins to start out with. Fundamental, Bogaudio, Count Modula, Squinky Labs, Mindmeld, Vult plus a few more. These became my go to plugins, and they’ve always been rock solid.

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You can also do this to have one button control the relative phase of multiple LFOs :

Its basically the same setup as yours, but with less modules and cpu.

…Ok I’ll stop now… :slightly_smiling_face:


If you “just” want multiple phases it would be easier to use an LFO with multi phased outputs, wouldn’t it? And less CPU.


Yes. But I thought the idea was to get a one knob phase spread setup. I don’t know anymore, maybe this thread went on a tangent. But lots of cool ideas here.

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One major thing I learned is that the fundamental LFO works great polyphonically. There is almost no change in CPU usage running 16 LFOs. Which is great.

yeah, Fundamentals are all excellent. At least the ones I’m familiar with.