EMC23 Presents The Concept Mixtape - LIVE (The Thread)

EMC23 Presents The Concept Mixtape - LIVE

The first episode is up, you can see/hear it at


While I had originally intended to open with a vcvrack patch, I had a pop tune that I had no way of contextualizing until I found this patch by Black Earth. https://patchstorage.com/a-new-years-hallow/

It opens like the BBC radiophonics that precedes it and morphs into a poppy piano-like number that perfectly represents vcvrack and allows me to morph into YOLO (the pop tune.)

You can see the VCVrack patch in the visuals but this time I rendered the patch to a wav and played it in Ableton. In future I intend to play the vcvrack patch live.

To this end we are playing around with designs for a DIY VCVrack modular midi controller(s) system

https://twitter.com/hisschemoller/status/1224787689406332935 https://twitter.com/EMC23dotcom/status/1205092736367579136 https://twitter.com/hisschemoller/status/1206664378931712000

Wouter previously built the random freesound downloader for volca sampler that I use a lot in the shows https://www.google.com/search?q=freesound+volca

Anyway I think this episode is a good representation of the expected trajectory of the show and I hope you enjoy.


Nice tunes!


|8/March 2020|

00:00 - Artic Interference - Artic Interference - RNGMNN -Winter Light

09:00 - A new Years Hallow - VcvRack Patch - Black Earth - Patch Storage

12:40 - Yolo - BabariQ Of Africa

16:20 - Mount Tryta/Havenridge Bridge - 0Lsyx - EMAlliance

20:15 - Bouce - Gribbles

23:00 - Berrak Washing Machine - Stephanie Merchak

26:03 - Howling At the Moon - Bulfner - EM Alliance

Last weeks show had 1.3k viewers in total

  • Drop Ship Down - Chris Prine
  • Fuck N TimeAW100
  • Algorithmic Mousike - Cylotron
  • Let’s Go Mental
  • Gunman clive - a strAnger
  • Dissident Call - Red Stoned Dog
  • Bat Acid - Scanner
  • Wanderlust - Rapoon
  • Incidence Resonance - Synthikat - PatchStorage <-- Guest VCVRack patch
  • Plastic Giraffe - Temple
  • therapy - Temple
  • Post Pasta Perfetto - Roof Tent Rhythms - The Tuesday Night Machines
  • Spirits of AfroDublism - Cousin Silas and the Glove of Bones
  • Hauntology - Stone Tape - Sounds Effects
  • Twenty 6 - Survey Channel
  • A memory of Tomorrow - FROM
  • All Demons are Horned - ABBILDUNG
  • Burnt a drOne - NNYZ
  • You’re gonna die in a cafe
  • Damned Civil War - Dan Cross
  • Bloodstone - Amon Tobin
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Now with 300% more VCVrack! I rendered a Synthikat piece because I was focusing on other technical issues for the show. But 3 days and 20 takes later, when I recorded the show and was playing the rendered VCVrack piece, the vcvrack dedicated laptop was still on an synced with the studio so I was able to play alongside using the same patch. Track list to come later.

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