Email notifications for new plugins

With so many plugins being added to the library and many of them not being announced on the forum I feel like I have to check the library page regularly to see if something has been added which is a little tedious and unnecessary, and means that some great modules go unnoticed for a while.

An email notification would be very useful for the user and give new developers more exposure rather than waiting for the user to discover it weeks after it has been released (I assume not everyone checks the library page everyday like I do).

Alternatively, or additionally, perhaps there could be an automated post made on the forum for each new addition to the library.

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I’d rather would choose this option,
e-mails are much work to set up, and administrate, ( e.g. users need to opt out etc.)
maybe just a little yellow dot in the GUI at the “Library” label, like the red dot that marks updates, would help.


Don’t forget that ‘news of the rack’ carries a list of what’s new in the library on a regular basis


that would be my suggestion as well: just read the weekly news of the rack

it mentions and lists all new releases


In the plugin manager, sort on “Build Updated” - boom! there’s the info you are looking for.