Electronic Events & Festivals worldwide

I thought to start this thread as a place to share infos & news about international and local events, festivals, happenings, workshops, and so on, related with the modular music scene.
In brief, I’m quite new to the modular scene, and frankly I was astonished at discovering the multitude and assortment of acts taking place all over the world. So I began keeping a personal, growing list of them, based on news rumours and a sometimes randomic, sometimes systematic web navigation.
Until when… I found this web-hub, a real A map of the world - to tell it with Pat Metheny - for the electronic scene.
So, to start things off, I wanted to share it here, hoping that at least someone is not yet aware of it.
The map I’m talking about: https://www.electronic-festivals.com/


Certainly more of a local than an international event, but there was a modular synth convention, as it were, over in Bristol about a month ago. It goes by the name of Machina Bristronica and this was the first year they’ve done it, but they’ve already released tickets for next year. I went this year and it was very good fun - there were lots of amazing modular synth owners, as well as companies, and some great music too. I would definitely recommend going if you’re from nearby


In Berlin, at least two synthesizer jam sessions take place on a regular basis. They’re open and free to everybody, provided they’re respectful of the jam session spirit. People bring their equipment, plug it into the mixer and the midi clock, and play with the other participants.
One of these jam session takes place tomorrow, the other one next week:


Nice! Hopefully what this discussion can come out to be, is to highlight local events too, the new ones, and those acts that haven’t still got large mainstream resonance. I was not able to find this in the “big map” linked above, so this is a nice addition!!

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Same as above, Berlin is a big location full of official and unofficial events, so it’s easy to lose track of something in the big picture. Thanks for reporting them!

One more signal from a recent post of @kori.elg in the FB user group: https://www.synthfestfrance.com/

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