Ein Buch zu VCV-Rack 2

Dear friends of VCV-Rack,

I would like to present you the possibility to find a suitable entry point to VCV-Rack. I am a technical book author for electronic topics and also a composer for electronic music. For this reason I have written a book about VCV-Rack 2, which is available in German and soon also in English. On my website you can find sample chapters as well as the table of contents.


The foreword to my book was written by Omri Cohen. I would be happy to hear from you.

If there are any questions, just write a mail :slight_smile: erik.bartmann@yahoo.de

Happy plugging

Erik Bartmann


Looks really interesting. Just read through the first few pages and it feels like quite a deep dive into VCV.

There should be something for everyone. The book is also interesting for beginners. I have tried to create a balanced ratio. But it is primarily not about sound design, but about the handling and understanding of VCV-Rack.


I think you succeeded.

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