Eightfold feat Orca's Heart v2

i’ve added two new modules to the collection: Comparator and Transgate.

Comparator is your typical comparator, the twist is that you get eight of them in one module, and it has a special mode where only the gate for the highest reached threshold level is high. Levels are CV controlled, which makes Formation a very easy and visual way to control multiple levels at once:

Comparator generating 8 gates makes it a perfect companion for Transgate, which is a module that can transpose up to 8 signals when the corresponding gate is high:

While Orca’s Heart v2 allows you to transpose all voices at once by an octave, with Transgate you can apply arbitrary transposition to each voice individually:

A small demo of both:


I hope with the new modules added, the thinking behind the whole collection is becoming more clear: these modules are designed to compliment each other and to work well with each other, and they allow greater control over Orca’s Heart generated sequences - you can start with OH itself and then add more ways to control sequences (in a non destructive manner - great for performing) as you go, essentially creating your own custom sequence generator.

Both modules are available in the library - if you’re subscribed to the plugin, you should get both automatically once you run the library update.


i had to delete “eightfold” in the plugin dir to get the new modules - there were only 4 modules, but no update… (on win11)

guessing the version number wasn’t incremented ? (maybe I installed it pre-release - I don’t remember)

yeah, perhaps you had the beta version? i’ll make sure to use a different version number in the future if i release betas.