edit json to remove modules

I just realized that you can edit a plugin’s plugin.json file to remove modules from the browser. As i’m on mac, I used a plist editor. I’m down to 500 which is an improvement, at least until v2 arrives.

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Did you know you can just add disabled: true to an entry, you don’t need to delete the whole section? For example, here is a fragment from the plugin.json that we put in the plugin manager:

			"slug": "squinkylabs-dvg",
			"name": "dg",
			"description": "thing",
			"disabled": true,
			"manualUrl": "https://github.com/squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV/blob/master/docs/functional-vco-1.md",
			"tags": ["VCO"]
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Thanks! I suspected that would work, but there were so many modules to remove, and I was too lazy to do it that way.

That’s an excellent reason. Now that I think of it I had not thought through what your are trying to do - turn most of them off. I think your way is better. Of course any time you fetch an update you may have to do this all over again, whichever way you do it. But you already know that.

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Does setting disabled = true remove it from the browser but still allow it to load in existing patches?

I don’t know, but I suspect not. I think v2 is going to have some deprecation feature that does that.

I knew about the deprecated setting but not the disabled one. Just tested it and setting a module to disabled in the json causes it to be not found if a patch using it is loaded.

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