Edge modules mixed VCV modules

Just installed these from the library and they don’t seem to have proper tags.Edge doesn’t appear in the Brands list and the modules are mixed in with VCV modules.

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Yep I think he has to change the
“brand”: “VCV”, to
“brand”: “Edge”,
in his json file and it will all be good.
(just did it myself and it works)

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I kind of wonder what there new delay module does.

I noticed it too , was about to post it :upside_down_face:

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HAAS delay makes a pseudo stereo signal from mono source. This module include a mix knob so be aware of the antiphase and listen carefully)


reported here: https://github.com/Edge-Modules/Edge/issues/12

you can edit your plugins-v1/Edge/plugin.json file manually with a text editor yourself, in the meantime