Easiest (and most CPU-friendly) way to generate a constant polyphonic signal?


Some modules require a multichannel signal in an input to get a multichannel signal out of them.

My goal is to generate a constant signal with 0V on 16 channels. I have some solutions but I can’t find one requiring only one module to generate such a polyphonic signal. Any suggestion?

Thank you for helping.

Bogaudio Polycon16?

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Computerscare Knoly Pobs, or Computerscare Boly Puttons will do the trick. Combine with Computerscare Toly Pools to reduce the number-of-channels if you ultimately want fewer than 16 channels of polyphony.


This will do it, just set the number of channels in the context menu.


Wow, so many awesome modules to use for testing!

In between I have found Computerscare’s Roly Pouter, which does the trick but I guess Knoly Pobs will be a bit more CPU-friendly. Also it requires less space than Affix or Polycon16.

Thank you guys!

we need a list of utilities for module developers :wink:

nysthi meters can do poly signals if using the first channel

23volts monopoly does that. just plug the output and select 16 channels, you’ll get 16 channels at 0v

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Bug report, on windows the channel numbers go from 0-15 in the tooltips :wink:

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Yes it’s because it’s the actual internal value (0 = 1, 15 = 16). Mostly waiting V2 for dealing with these as it will be easier to implement custom tooltips in the new API.

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It is a v1 feature that you can add a constant offset to the param displays. I do it in my new 4X4 for the same thing. It’s also super easy to implement your own tooltips. 4X4 has tooltips on many of the jacks.

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