Early Windows builds of BogAudio and JW Modules for Rack2

Note: Please do not bug the devs about any bugs you find here. These are EXTREMELY early UNOFFICIAL releases meant for personal testing of v2 ONLY.

Hope I’m not breaking any rules here!

Built the v2/rack2 branches and they seem to work. Have fun testing/playing!

Remember these are SUPER EARLY BUILDS and I may not remember to update them.

I AM NOT THE AUTHOR. I am just building these for my system and thought they might be useful to others.

Commit: f427194

Commit: a9a9a26

Commit: 9e48ef2

Authors please let me know if you’d like me to take these down. @jeremy @matt


Nice work and thanks for the EXTREMELY early UNOFFICIAL releases :slight_smile:

I wanted to use the Bogaudio Analyzer, so thanks a bunch.

Don’t know if it does this on your machine or anyone elses machine, but the knobs aren’t showing on most Bogaudio modules, except for the Matrix modules.

Rendering fine here on linux, what’s your OS?


same here, there is a way to fix this posted here somewhere, look for JW’s thread about not displaying knobs