EaganMatrix — Now in Eurorack Format

The EaganMatrix is a very interesting sound engine which has previously been exclusive to the Haken Continuum. It’s also going to be inside the upcoming Expressive E Osmose. Now it’s available as a Eurorack module for pre-order at $799.

From their website:

This versatile module can act as a sound source, a sound processor, a CV source (via connection to an external Control Voltage Converter), a Midi source, or a customizable combination of all these capabilities.

Flexibility is key, due to its audio inputs and outputs, integrated CV inputs, external CV outputs (via Control Voltage Converter), and robust implementation of MPE and MPE+ Midi.


Haken Audio’s EaganMatrix Module offers:

  • Polyphony: Nominal 1, Maximum 8 Direct CV note control is limited to 1 voice at a time, but higher polyphony avoids voice stealing when EaganMatrix presets have long decays, and higher polyphony is often useful for Midi input.
  • 4 Per-note CV Inputs: W, X, Y, Z
    • Gate (W) — Triggers at 1V, with max range -10V to +10V
    • Pitch (X) — 1V per octave, with programmable offset for Middle C
    • Timbre (Y) — Function depends on EaganMatrix preset; voltage ranges 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, with programmable offset
    • Loudness (Z) — 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, with programmable offset
  • 4 Global CV Inputs: i, ii, iii, iv Functionality depends on EaganMatrix preset; these CV affect all voices (notes from WXYZ and Midi); each global CV has selectable voltage range 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, and programmable offset
  • 2 Analog Audio Inputs: Left and Right, or Mono
  • 2 Analog Audio Outputs: Left and Right, or Mono Sum -12dB switch selects between Eurorack Level and Line Level
  • Midi over USB Allows bidirectional MPE and MPE+ connection to other devices; allows connection to the Haken Editor for editing and archiving EaganMatrix presets (USB-A cable included with purchase)
  • Universal 3.5mm Midi In (Type A, Type B, and TS) Allows connection to other Midi devices without need of computer or USB (adapter to 5-pin DIN Midi In included with purchase)
  • Type B 3.5mm Midi Out Allows connection to other Midi devices without need of computer or USB (adapter to 5-pin DIN Midi Out included with purchase)
  • i2c Port for Communication to the Control Voltage Converter (a switch selects between 3.5mm Midi Out and i2c functionality)
  • 12 Switches, 1 Rotary, and LED Matrix A menu system allows stand-alone operation without need of computer, and provides monitoring for notes being played and CV input levels