dsp:Biquad enhancement

Hey Andrew, I am going to start moving my stuff to using the dsp library as opposed to the crap I’ve rolled in. One thing that would be huge is if the biquad filter had an allpass mode :slight_smile:

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Could you cheat one with peak? Invert and subtract the processed signal against the original :wink:

Could also use highpass and lowpass in conjunction.

Could you send me the a and b coefficients?

b0 = 1 - K/Q + K^2
b1 = 2*(K^2 - 1)
b2 = 1
a0 = 1 + K/Q + K^2
a1 = 2*(K^2 - 1)
a2 = 1 - K/Q + K^2

should do the trick.

It looks like one can set the a and b coefficients directly, yes? If so, who cares what shapes happen to be built into the library? Filter coefficient designers are a dime a dozen (as they say).

just trying to keep things neat and tidy :smiley: