Drunken Seeds of Change


Having fun with Seeds of Change from Frozen Wastelands, and then discovered the awesome Drunken Rampage which is the sort of module you find but never knew you needed. And all of the sudden there were two. So this is the ‘Drunken Seeds of Change’ patch, I am sure this will go way more out there in time, but since there seems no single patch posted using the Drunken Rampage, I thought it’s high time one was. Here they are drunken with a Blood Alcohol Content of 1.45%. Careful modulating that as this module is neat in how nuts it is. Crank BAC at own risk.

Given I can’t seem to get patchstorage to accept any file, here is patch and scala file used.

Please rename the dudon_gayakapriya.txt to dudon_gayakapriya.scl and load into Nysthi Scala Quant in the patch before playing, as community does not allow .scl files to be uploaded directly, nor a .zip of both

FG_01_214_08_SeedsOfChange_Fun.vcv (109.5 KB)

dudon_gayakapriya.txt (194 Bytes)