DrumKit Pro

is any way to replace the free drums for the paid in old patches? (could be nice have a script o something)

there’s not really a 1:1 relationship between the samples in DrumKit and the samples in DrumKit Pro. in fact, if there were a Venn diagram, it would look something like this:


the overlap comes from Baronial and Baronial+, where Baronial+ is a superset of Baronial, with more features, and Marionette Bass and Marionette Bass+, where Marionette Bass+ is a superset with more features.

otherwise, the sampled drum modules are expanded capability, as well as additional samples. And the addition of Shp, the envelope follower, and Bomb, the simplified hybrid bass drum.

and here we have Bomb, a hybrid bass-drum module:

  • 15 samples
  • Envelope Follower
  • Sine/Square VCO
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