DrumKit Pro

I’m happy to announce the new release of DrumKit Pro!

9 new modules, two panel themes, velocity, and pitch.

  • Shp - An Envelope Generator/Copier
  • Kick+ - 100 Kicks
  • Snare+ - 100 Snares
  • HiHat+ - 20 HiHats
  • Tom+ - 138 Toms
  • Baronial+ - Expanded Baronial Envelope Generator
  • Marionette Bass+ - Hybrid Bass Drum Generator
  • Bomb (not shown) - A Simple Hybrid Bass Drum Generator

Available from the Plugin Library

More info and manuals available here


And to get you started, a video all about Shp!

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Cool Breeze

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Bought it, like it. But I have one suggestion: cv controllable sound selection. Makes it easier to browse. And opens up the possibility for crazy random drums mayhem, too :slight_smile:

I love it

a quick feedback

Until now I used the snares and hi hats, I really like the samples are perfectly recorded

I think you could add a couple of options to quick handle the samples and make it different to a sampler , for instance a option to tweak the release length of of the hihats must be amazing, it is easy to achieve with a couple of additional modules, but could be great have it natively, I have not check if the tune knob can reverse the sample , perhaps a quick hp filter for hihats and snare

something to improve is the way to navigate , go to the sample 40, 50 , 60 is pain in the ass, perhaps a button to jump ±10 will help

I really like this plugging,100% recommended

edited: a expander for layering that allow tweak the amplitude , panning and trigger delay

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have you tried using the “Choke”? you can send a trigger or gate to the “Choke” input, and the cutoff envelope is controlled by the “Time” knob (and CV). If you’re in “Dark” mode, that’s the section that is lighter. If you’re in “Light” mode, that’s the darker section.


I not tested yet, thanks for the clue, now I will do

but what I mean is something more simple that not require an trigger o cv input (for reference the Sunvox drumkit have that kind of features) I don’t know perhaps the Choke feature is better , I will test it

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I’ll add something for the next release. I had taken it out of the “Pro” version, but I can add it back.


added CV control of selection - now available in 1.0.1.


Many of the kicks and the toms have a loud “click”. Currently I am using an adsr to control that, but some control over it would be useful. These clicks have a tendenty to become very prominent in a mix.

you can adjust the velocity of the drum by using the VEL input, 0-10v CV.

Ah I hadn’t realized that. What is the velocity value when no cv is input? Is it set to max?

yes. as noted in the manual:

The Vel or Velocity input controls the amount of velocity to assign to the sample value amplitude. This can be between 0 and 10 volts. When nothing is plugged in, the default is full amplitude.

remember, all of the manuals can be found at https://legitimatesounding.com/sv-modular/drumkitpro/

I’m always happy to answer questions, help, or make improvements, but there’s also a fine set of manuals :slight_smile:

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Usually, I’m that guy that spells out the manual. For a drum module, I hadn’t thought there’d be something that wasn’t already obvious. But there was… Still, I’m not happy about the clicks. Even when I turned down the velocity. (Please know that I’m just trying to help by giving my thoughts, so it’s meant to be a positive input, not negativity.)

I’ve reprocessed all of the kicks and toms, and will get a new release out to Andrew soon.

please let me know if you still experience any issues after the update occurs.

will do!

I think you solved it. Don’t know what you did, but the click is less aggressive now, but still present. Sounds great!

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If you have any specific patch numbers, I can look into those directly (like Kick-042 for instance).

I meant I like it. The click is part of the sound now :slight_smile: