Dragging cables disappearing issue?

On my Windows box, it seems like if I drag a cable sometimes it disappears as though I’d released the mouse button before docking the cable in a port. Has anyone else seen this? Is my mouse going wonky? It’s a Logitech wireless mouse.

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i have not experienced this

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Yeah I have.

I’ve noticed it a few times lately, more dropped cables, but I’ve put it down to sloppy mouse usage so far. I’ll pay more attention and try and see if something else is going on.

The same here on OSX with a Magic Mouse, not the case while using a Logitech Trackball.

It was a defective mouse. I noticed that I was having the same problem dragging and dropping in Ableton Live and even on the desktop and Windows Explorer.

Apparently something was wrong such that when I’d click and hold the mouse button, it was losing contact and it looked to Windows like I’d stopped pressing the mouse button.

It took me so long to figure it out because really, I don’t drag and drop much, except in Live and VCVRack.

It may well be that all the clicking and dragging in VCVRack wore out my mouse!:grinning:


I’ve had the same problem with my mouse, though I noticed it a lot sooner due to my obsessions with solitaire and Hearthstone. Kind of reminds me of the old days of mice with balls and rollers that you had to clean.