Drag&Drop of VCV Rack 2 selection files (Tipp)

It’s not very spectacular, of course, but it may help to assemble a patch a little more quickly without having to go through the file dialog for each file.

Further it should be said that the game works on my Ubuntu Studio 21.10 with KDE Plasma and VCV Rack 2.0.5. I assume that it also works on other systems, but unfortunately I can’t test it.

Drag&Drop with Selection Files (.vcvs)

With VCV Rack 2 open and the corresponding File Explorer, too, you can drag and drop the desired parts from your selection files folder into your VCV Rack patch and thus assemble a patch pretty quickly.

Unfortunately the ‘drop’ does not place the parts where you want them. Therefore it helps to reduce the VCV Rack 2 display to minimum (zoom: 25%). This way You will find the previously dragged part (.vcvs) marked in red and You can drag it to the desired position in Your patch.

Drag&Drop with Patch Files (.vcv)

Just for completeness it should be mentioned that Drag&Drop also works with Patch Files (.vcv). But this time the previous patch is ‘lost’ … unless you have saved it.

I hope it helps one or the other Racketier who didn’t notice or know about this yet.


same goes for inserting … this is because the pos coordinates inside the .vcvs file semm to be taken absolutely and not relative to the position on the screen.

Ah, Thank You for the explanation.