Don't have a oscillator or VCO tag in the tag list


I’m not sure this is the right place to post that but as it is not related to a specific module I think this is the right place.

Here is the question ; if I want to add, for instance, an oscillator (or VCO) with a right click, I have the window where all modules are listed with a tag list (Arpeggiator, etc.) and I don’t see a VCO or oscillator tag, but if I look at, for instance, the VCO-1 module, if I hover the cursor of the mouse on it it is tagged as “oscillator, Polyphonic voltage-controlled oscillator”. Is there a way to have an oscillator tag in the tag list of this window ?

Not sure why you don’t see the Oscillator tag, it has been there since at least version 0.5.2 (which I started on)

Oops, I didn’t see the scrolling bar… My mistake…