Does the subscribe button sometimes disappear?

Hey guys and girls,

I’m new to VCV rack, but I pretty much have the whole subscribe thing figured out. However, today, I go to subscribe to new modules, and the button straight up doesn’t exist anymore. I turned off my adblockers and stuff too. Am I just eating crazy pills? What’s going on?


Are you logged in ?

haha, yeah. :slight_smile:


Then there should be an unsubscribe/subscribe button…

I know! haha

Sorry but I can’t help you, maybe somebody else can… :blush:

I seem to remember that if you try with a different browser it will start working again? Also, if you are on a vpn try not using it?

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Oh crap! I was connected to a VPN! Good call.

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Just curious; why does a VPN interfere with the subscribe button?

I have never heard a theory about that. It’s just true (sometimes?).

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I’m not having this issue exactly but I am having an issue where I can’t find it anywhere, I have gone to many pages, on just one author yet I can’t find a subscribe button.

could you describe this with more detail? maybe a screen shot of the library page where you can’t find the link?

Here’s what it typically looks like for me: