Does anyone remember (or even know) Delia Derbyshire?

Because we should never forgett Electronic Music Pioneers …

“To make it more difficult to find and enjoy her work, she records each performance onto pre-used Betamax cassettes and leaves them in charity shops labelled with the titles of unpopular ITV sitcoms in Dyno tape.”

Sarah Forrest, “The Hipster” - Ladybird Books


SOME OF HER MUSIC (More in YouTube):


Of course. Simon Posford mentioned her numerous times as a big influence. I can’t be sure but I think I read Bluetech mention her also.

Many of know (and adore) the sainted Delia - but it’s certainly worth bringing her to the attention of those who are not yet aware of her pioneering work.
See also Daphne Oram.


Totally agree. So many women pioneers went unnoticed for so long.

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… and Eliane Radigue

… and Laurie Spiegel

… and Else Marie Pade

… and …


Thanks for those videos! Inspiring.

i think she’s fairly well known here in the UK if only for her work on Doctor Who.

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Fairly well known all over the place because of threads like this!

Suzanne Ciani is quite big, bit more well known I think. Very much a women pioneer though

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Excellent Thread! Thank you so much!

For the french speaking :

Wonderful video @23volts, thanks!

Here is the most beautiful definition of what Modular Synthesis really is:

C’est comme tomber amoureux. Vous devez apprendre à connaître la personne et cela prend du temps … Tu experimentes, mais cet instrument est très réactif … Tu construis une relation, vous faites ceci, il fait ça, vous interagissez avec lui … C’est très gratifiant, c’est excitant … il y a tellement de possibilités!

Suzanne Ciani

It’s like falling in love. You have to get to know the person and it takes time … You experiment, but this instrument is very reactive … You build a relationship, you do this, it does that, you interact with it … It’s very rewarding, it’s exciting … there are so many possibilities!

Suzanne Ciani

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God, I love Ciani so much…

Delia Derbyshire profile on BBC Radio 4

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Delia’s “Dreams” series is a favorite. White Noise is a real mind-expander too. Total hero, love Delia 4ever

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this is so nice, thanks for share this!

I have a album of EMS VCS3 improvisations I dedicated to her. Which may be self promotion on her reputation, but it is a sincere homage. And you can sample it for your own work if you want.

Delia Derbyshire (Li de la Russe) and David Vorhaus.


“Love Without Sound” was my first exposure to the work of DD.

Man in this forum i find Amazing music :open_mouth:

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