Does anyone remember (or even know) Delia Derbyshire?

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Because we should never forgett Electronic Music Pioneers …

“To make it more difficult to find and enjoy her work, she records each performance onto pre-used Betamax cassettes and leaves them in charity shops labelled with the titles of unpopular ITV sitcoms in Dyno tape.”

Sarah Forrest, “The Hipster” - Ladybird Books


SOME OF HER MUSIC (More in YouTube):

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Of course. Simon Posford mentioned her numerous times as a big influence. I can’t be sure but I think I read Bluetech mention her also.

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Many of know (and adore) the sainted Delia - but it’s certainly worth bringing her to the attention of those who are not yet aware of her pioneering work.
See also Daphne Oram.

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Totally agree. So many women pioneers went unnoticed for so long.

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… and Eliane Radigue

… and Laurie Spiegel

… and Else Marie Pade

… and …

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Thanks for those videos! Inspiring.

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Delia Derbyshire’s music is one of the main reasons I started working with electronic music. Amazing to think about the tools we have now compared to the tools of that time period.

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i think she’s fairly well known here in the UK if only for her work on Doctor Who.

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Fairly well known all over the place because of threads like this!

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Suzanne Ciani is quite big, bit more well known I think. Very much a women pioneer though

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Excellent Thread! Thank you so much!

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For the french speaking :

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Wonderful video @23volts, thanks!

Here is the most beautiful definition of what Modular Synthesis really is:

C’est comme tomber amoureux. Vous devez apprendre à connaître la personne et cela prend du temps … Tu experimentes, mais cet instrument est très réactif … Tu construis une relation, vous faites ceci, il fait ça, vous interagissez avec lui … C’est très gratifiant, c’est excitant … il y a tellement de possibilités!

Suzanne Ciani

It’s like falling in love. You have to get to know the person and it takes time … You experiment, but this instrument is very reactive … You build a relationship, you do this, it does that, you interact with it … It’s very rewarding, it’s exciting … there are so many possibilities!

Suzanne Ciani

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God, I love Ciani so much…