Does anyone else get strange enjoyment out of reading opinions/points people make against electronic music on the internet?

I was going to make this post but then Profile - KyleGrayYoung - VCV Community surprised me as being someone who would stereotypically be in this group but interested in the program. I guess the strange enjoyment is out of seeing how people react to this music. Within Kyle’s post he was focusing of a classic band (The Monkees) using a synth, and I am using this example to also pull up the fact of how synths are present in classic rock, my main idea being how a synth was used in the Abbey Road album.

I have had this idea of making a track that would mess around with someone’s notions on modern and/or electronic music to someone who is unexperienced, like taking a, let’s say “Beach Boys” track and then electronically mutating it into many permutations, this would be just to get a reaction though. Feel free to steal my idea, maybe Profile - KyleGrayYoung - VCV Community especially. (Yes I do know that: 1. The beach boys got experimental sometimes 2. The Avalanches were inspired by the Beach boys. 3. The game Earthbound sampled the Beach Boys)

Sorry if I came off as too stereotyping. If anything take this as a fun idea you can choose to (or not) steal from me.

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I belong to a group on Facebook dedicated to “PC Music”. It’s kind of crazy there.

Sounds good to me, so how are you going to mutate these classic rock tracks, midi player using synth modules works sometimes, could also use Midi in Entrian sequencers/Timeline or are you going to transcribe them note by note? A Beach Boys cover would be good. Roger McGwinn from the Byrds did Moog Raga. Anymore? Just listening to ‘God Only knows’ by the Beach Boys by BEF [Ex Heaven 17] playing it on synths, odd that, synchronicity?

Hello Squinky, so how do they do the crazy tunes on that Facebook page then? Any rackers amongst them?

no, that world is pretty much ableton and autotune. This video where three people remix a song by dorian electra was pretty interesting to me: 4 PRODUCERS FLIP THE SAME SAMPLE ft. Dorian Electra, ABSRDST, Diveo, Neon Vines - YouTube

Not sure if this counts, but one thing I like to do is annoy my brother-in-law by putting old rock tracks through Clouds. Just load a sample in Complex Simpler and sit back.

Rhomeian Bhapsody.vcv (10.1 KB)

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Paulstretch is also good for this kind of stuff. I have “Comfortably Numb” somewhere, but it’s 32 minutes long. Quite beautiful, too.

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Also, Spleeter, if you can get it working, can sometimes be interesting. Tries to split tracks into individual stems. The results can have too many FFT artefacts sometimes, but can be interesting to break a song apart:

And after you split, there is that allows to transcribe polyphonic piano and there is work on transcribing drums Improving Perceptual Quality of Drum Transcription with the Expanded Groove MIDI Dataset

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