Doepfer in VCV2 ?

Hi folks, newby in vcv2 here. Think to buy vst version (along with Softube ones), but did not found Doepfer basic modules in this environment (like A147 lfo). But AFAIR a bunch of Doepfer modules (incl A147) was in some old freeware (beta?) programm version. What’s the reason that they not included in library now ?

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As far as I know the only legitimate Doepfer module in VCV is the A-124 Wasp Filter. There have never been any others.


@CountModula Thanks ! Ok i remembered that it was environment called “VeeSeeVSTRack”, this is not related with VCV in some way ?

Ah, right. I think that was developed by a 3rd party (i.e not the VCV team) and is based on an earlier version of VCV Rack. I never used it so I don’t know much else about it.

Ok got it. In general, sad a bit that Doepfer collection was not transferred to VCV too. It seems some legal issues. :unamused: