docB modules

Haven’t seen a thread about these yet but the docB modules have been added to the library recently. I haven’t had a change to fully explore them but there are a few gems. I particularly like the mverb module so far, I don’t understand it yet but it comes with lots of presets, sounds really good and seems to be capable of some sounds I haven’t made before with mverb with or without Rack. Also really like the slim RSC reverb, been using it for smaller roomish reverbs and it’s great. Padsynth is pretty cool too.

The module I’m most excited about is @docB’s HexSeq. I know that this trigger sequencer is a bit nerdy but it got into my startup template immediately.


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Man, that mverb uses a lot of CPU, 6 times that of Plateau! But interesting…

Only 3 times as much for me and that is with modulation in mverb. I didn’t notice to be honest. Definitely could be lower ideally but not a deal breaker for me. That said, NYSTHI’s mverb runs at around 1% and this mverb runs (in my current patch) at around 5.6% so I think it must be possible optimize it more seeing as it is presumably running the same algorithm.

hi, it is a completely different algorithm (it has nothing to do with the nsynthi mverb) and it has 100 delay lines to process the 5x5 wave guide mesh. this is the reason why it is CPU hungry. i will look for the next versions if there can be something optimized. However i put it in the library as it makes some real different things, e.g. producing very realistic metallic percussion sounds.


I’m not complaining at all, it sounds amazing to me! Thanks for making all of the modules.

Ah, just saw these tonight in the library. This must be Dr. B from Berklee? I’ve worked with some of your former students over the years, who all spoke very highly of you!

Looking forward to checking out these modules slowly. 78 modules! Now that the library interface is more keyed-in to adding single modules at a time, I’ll have to be more deliberative and methodical about picking modules and testing them out rather than adding the whole batch all at once.

If anybody has any recommendations from these modules, do post. Or, docB, if you have any ones that you think are particularly interesting, I’d be all ears :slight_smile:

Thanks for these contributions to VCV Rack!

Man, so weird, I’ve also only started playing around with docb modules recently. I subscribed to the plugin for formula one, but never realised all the other great modules there are in this collection. I’ve just scraped the surface, but so far Pad2 is incredible, really addictive. And I love running audio through a bunch of BWF (brick wall filter) modules, running in parallel with different settings, and then switching between them. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while in Rack. There are alot of modules that work with phase, but I still have to rap my head around how phase works😀. And I love the chorus (YAC). Everything seems to use very low CPU.

Anyway, all I’m saying is, what I’ve seen so far, these modules are awesome. Thanks @docB

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in my view the most exiting new chaos module is ‘Ant’

said @docB some time ago… My favorite was CCA.

i am another docB (not richard)


Yeah, I love the PAD synth. It looks like an incredible collection (both of them) and I need to set aside some serious time to play with it. So far, love the sounds I’m hearing, and the CPU efficiency, and the inventivenes of the sequencers and VCO couplings. Not a big fan of the cramped interface with tiny knobs but maybe I can live with it.

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Ah, nice to make your acquaintance then!