Do you use the module "disable" feature?

From the module right-click menu or Ctrl-E.

  • Yes.
  • I’m aware of it, but no.
  • I wasn’t aware of it, but I will use it.
  • I wasn’t aware of it, but I won’t use it.

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I sometimes hit it by accident, which is annoying.

Having said that, if you get rid of it, a line between duplicate and delete would be nice.

Always … to disable the recorder when mixing the sounds and if I wanna replay the sounds without constant recording (to lazy to unplug the start-trigger)


Yes, I use it quite often, especially to duplicate all a string of modules and look for alternative settings on a copy while having the original idea disabled. And then keep the best of both. It’s very convenient

Yes, I use it a lot actually, for instance when I’m using an LFO instead of a clock, I often like to disable them by hovering over them and then typing Ctrl+E, especially if I don’t have any buttons mapped that would give me the ability to mute say a VCA (plus, these are often feeding several modules, I don’t like putting every single pulse LFO through a VCA to mute, I guess there are some that have a stop function but I notice I keep coming back to the Fundamental LFO). At the moment my computer isn’t optimal yet (I’m going to put in a new video card on tuesday), so when glitches occur sometimes I will try to disable some modules that seem to take up a lot of CPU but aren’t really being used at that time. And like @AlasdairMoons said, to disable a recorder without having to delete it.

I have a complex polysynth patch in which I use Disable extensively.

I use Vult Freak in my VCF module groups, which has different filter models with highly-variable CPU cost.

Depending on the filter models chosen, the patch may not meet deadline for the current polyphony and sample rate, and sound dropouts occur.

So I use Strip on each VCO and VCF module group, to be able to disable the groups individually to allow the more expensive models to be used at the cost of less filters and oscillators.

(BTW, if you’re wondering why I don’t just instantiate module groups on demand using Strip, it’s because I matrix-mix all groups to each other for Filter FM, OSC FM and series/parallel Filter structures, so wiring up newly instantiated groups is a pain…)

I do know that disabling modules only partially removes the CPU cost i.e. deleting the modules reduces patch CPU usage quite a bit further. So if there was a way for Disable to improve in this aspect, it would be very welcome!

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After I use I want change my vote, is not useful, or at least is not what I figure out (something like a bypass)

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