Do we have any raga hand drum (Tabla) instrument modules?

Me neither.

Here is a new experiment in creating generative tabla accompaniment for a raga-ish sound,

Pseudoraga 2.vcv (10.2 KB)

I’m now loading Rack patch files with the audio device unselected. Be sure to select your audio device if you dlownload this patch. And, be sure to hit the master reset switch to get things in sync.

For this patch, I am creating a tabla drum track using 2 Ohmer Modules QuadPercs modules set up to use the free LinnDrum conga samples. The drum polyrhythm is created using the Sckitam MarokovSeq and the Meander clocked trigger outs. Also in the patch is the Seaside Modular Jawari module.

I’m very happy how this tabla-like sound turned out.


Here another quick and dirty video and patch.

This one is an emulation of (hand)drums using a noise pulse as an Exciter into a (in this case 8 band and octave spaced) EQ feedback loop Resonator.

Adjust noise color, AHR VCA envelope, feedback amount, EQ levels, EQ Band frequencies, EQ bandwidth to taste for other sounds/behaviours. The highpass at the end is too tame some the way too low and loud lows…

20230329 POC EQ Feedback loop based Hand Drum(s).vcv (5.5 KB)


So I’ve put together a sample-based tabla module. There’s a lot more to do, but I think there’s potential here. I have to add a whole bunch more rhythm patterns (thekas), but you can play the individual bols (drum sounds), sequence them from triggers, or just select the theka you want on the screen like an old-fashioned tabla machine.


I like this and look forward to using it. It sounds fantastic. I love synergism! I have a few dozen patches that I will convert to use your module once it becomes available.

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The Seaside Modular Tala module that is in beta test sounds wonderful. I have converted all of my Proteus Indian scale sitar based patches to use Tala for the tabla patterns.

I would say this is the “solution” to the original question I asked, but I will leave this topic open as there may be more to say on this topic.

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