Do we have a module with toggle switch with three positions?

Do we have a module with toggle switches with three positions, like in the screenshot below, but with indepent switches, each with its own outputs?

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So, something like the 3-position pickup selector switch on a Les Paul guitar?

“Toggle” doesn’t seem like the right word for it, because that usually means changing from one state to an opposite one, like “up/down”, “on/off”, etc.

I did a search for “rotary switch” hoping that someone named something after the vintage TV channel selector switches, but no luck there.

Is it okay if you have to temporarily step through other inputs to get to the one you want? If so, the VCV SS-2 (plus a VCV Pulses module for the pushbuttons) might be it:

But there is no documentation for it, so I can’t say for sure.

[edit] Wait, do you want to switch one of three inputs to a single output, or a single input to one of three outputs?

Or is it to be [A] or [A+B] or [B] to a single output, like the Les Paul pickup switches?

Thank you very much for your contribution. Actually, I’m looking for an toggle switch like the schematic below.

But with your suggestion the same function can be achieved with an additional button.That’s very good, but with the toggle switch I would see the current state visually. With the SS2 you have to look at the LEDs to see exactly what the current state is. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Jooper from NYSTHI could do this. Set up three scenes and use the next trigger to cycle through.

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I’ve got something, that does not need to cycle through one or two other inputs. The magic phrase is “radio button”, like on an automotive radio station selector. Pushing any button shuts off any others. This screenshot is a proof-of-concept patch.

From left to right:

  • Strum’s VCV Modules MentalRadioButtons. The selected button is indicated by a dim blue glow.
  • A VCO, just for something to hear
  • VCV Unity - to give me a mix of both VCOs
  • A 2nd VCO for something else to hear.
  • A mixer with VCO1 in ch1, VCO1+VCO2 in ch2, and VCO2 in ch3.
  • Audio 8 to hear the mixer o/p Unfortunately, the MentalRadioButtons module switch control voltages on and off, not audio. The top seven outputs are independent from the bottom seven. Within each group of 7, the only the one whose button was pushed last has an output latched ON.

The left column of jacks are for trigger or gate pulses that do the same thing as pushing the buttons.

I used the VCV Unity module because I could not quickly figure out a way to distribute the middle RadioButton output to two cv input jacks on the mixer which already have other patch cords inserted. There’s probably a couple of boolean logic devices that would work better, but it’s been decades since I’ve deMorganised anything.

The other four unused buttons in the set will mute all three mixer inputs, so in that sense it is different from a “proper” Les Paul three-way switch. On the other hand, this has the advantage of being able to jump from A to B without passing through A+B.

It would not surprise me if in the Library there is already an obscurely-named module that passes audio through only one of several in/out pairs of jacks at a time.

About that diagram…

… I’m assuming that you don’t really intend for the middle position to be an open circuit. They used the wrong symbol for the switch.

you can use THECAGE in many to 1 mode mode with 3 stages, and middle stage unconnected

you can select the position, via quantize, or via trig, or via pressing button by hand or or or… :smiley:

you can use THECAGE…


check changelog notes

On ? Nope.

search term “thecage” - not found.

search term “the cage” - not found.

search term “cage” - not found.

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look in the nysthi folder on your pc !




It is a SQUON cousin

they share the same number of lines and the GATE, PULSE and BRIDGE Lines

It is essentially a Quantizer with FREE settings of the comparators’ voltages

it’s a 12 stages (and 13 voltages comparators)

when a STAGE is selected, if nothing is plugged in the QUANTIZER INPUT these events are going to happen:

    the STAGE BRIDGE is closed (and data can travese the BRIDGE
a GATE is ON for that stage
a PULSE is emitted for that stage (1 msec)
the Switch One to MANY is outputting from the Bridge OUT from that stage
(if the BRIDGE IN is unconnected)
the Switch Many to ONE is outputting the current BRIDGE IN to the SWITCH GLOBAL OUT
the current selected voltage is presented to the QUANTIZED OUTPUT
the GLOBAL GATE is set to HIGH

A stage can be selected with:

    a) using TAP on the stage
    b) a pulse coming in for that stage
    c) if a CV select is connected, the CV is quantized as MIDI note and wrapped
selecting the corrispondent STAGE
    d) if a TRIG/CLOCK is coming in the advancer/sequencer
    e) if a TAP is done on the advancer/sequencer

if the stage is selected using the TRIG/CLOCK, the LAST STAGE line is valid

the last stage is selected TAPPING on the desired LAST STAGE
the function advancer/sequencer, can have 3  modes: FORWARD, BACKWARD, RANDOM

the function advancer/sequencer can be synced with RESET to other sequencers

if a cable is connected to the QUANTIZER INPUT THE CAGE works in quantizer mode

can quantize both CV and AUDIO signal
a quantized signal, activates (or not, depends on wrapping mode) a STAGE

if NOT WRAPPED the quantizer works only in the range between the FIRST and LAST VOLTAGE COMPARATOR

if WRAPPED is doing full quantazing with OCTAVE wrapping


if you have any programming experience this module could be created in under 10 lines of code. learning to code your own modules opens up tons of possibilities.

Sorry, I didn’t want to look up that much. I just wanted a toggle switch. I already had a solution, see patch below. I just didn’t want it to be as complicated and space-consuming as in my example. There I need a complete toggle module (with eight toggles) for a single switch.

And yes, I wanted it exactly like in the wiring diagram (see red markings). This is part of a scheme of a Doepfer Dark Energy I am trying to build in Rack and for that you need this kind of switch.


This could easily be done with 1 module.

Bogaudio 8:1 sequential switch. Set to 3 steps and manually select which step you want to be on. You could also patch a trigger to the clock input and manually step through the 3 steps.

3-way_switch.vcv (9.6 KB)

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