Distant Squares

Hi folks, this is the first track I’ve felt comfortable with putting out to the wider world so would love a bit of feedback.

I’ve dabbled with Vcv since about 0.6 but got more into it since the 1.0 release. This track is pure Vcv recorded live into Ableton. Not in front of my laptop at the moment so will update later with details on some of the modules used.

I’m still on a massive learning curve with Vcv and the Daw but having lots of fun. Huge shout out to Omri Cohen for his YouTube vids. Thoroughly enjoy watching them and have to thank him lots for helping me understand the modular world.

Cheers everyone.

Prism I (Demo)

Quick follow up. The track was made using a couple of KoralFX sequencers for the majority of it. Lots of possibilities with this sequencer. These used sounds from a couple of evenVCO’s, Slap from Vult, a small handful of Bogaudio modules (including FM-OP) and Erica Synth’s Black Wavetable.

Didn’t throw in too many effects just using Plateau for reverb and a couple of delay modules.


Sounds very cool :smile: ! There is really a nice vibe through the piece. Keep up the good work :wink:

Thanks for checking it out and the nice comments. Much appreciated.

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Great first share, a lot of nice elements in there, great sound, well done!

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