Displays and editability

Does anyone here know how to go about creating displays (such as in the 8-segment style of the VCV modules). I’ve been trying to implement them into my modules and I’ve been struggling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Another step that I would greatly appreciate guidance with is editing like with the Midi CC>CV module.

Maybe you’ve already found this, but the fundamental module source code is available here to look at GitHub - VCVRack/Fundamental

I can’t find the specific modules on the github for the life of me.

That one is in Core so its a bit more tricky. But you can look for the JSON file. Usually its plugin.json but for core it looks like Core.json. In there you can look for the module name which looks to be “MIDI CC to CV”


From there you want to find the SLUG Name.

Then search for the Slug Name in the git repo

This gives you the class names you can then search for

And it looks like that one is in src/core/MIDICC_CV.cpp

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Thank you so much!

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