Disable LOG in Rack v2.0?

We want an option to disable the generation of LOG file?

  • Yes
  • No

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Out of curiosity why don’t you want a log file ?

Also https://vcvrack.com/manual/Issues

Why we need it?

When there is a bug or a crash, we need it to know why it happened. If you take a look around the forum, you’ll see each time someone had a crash, be it because of drivers or because of a faulty module, it’s always the Log file that helped to locate and resolve the issue.

Also the log file on my Rack is just 22ko , is it much of an issue ?


Why do you need it gone? If it causes any observable performance impact, I’m sure a plugin developer somewhere would like to hear about the issue.

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if you not look for it, how you know it exists? I mean, does log generation cause poor performance or a particular problem?

why? why? why?

I’ve seen many bugs that needed the log file to make clear what was going on,

so why shouldn’t we have it? What could be the advantage? I’ve no idea…

The poll is unanimous… Closed.

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