"Digital" mode in Rack 2.x VCV VCO? Alternative?


Rack 2.x’s factory VCO seems to be in analog mode as default and I can’t see any way to go to the digital mode which existed in older VCO-1. Has this mode been deleted or is the switch hidden in some way? If the deletion is confirmed, which VCO would you recommend to get a pure sine wave?

Thank you.

use the WT VCO instead

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Squinky Labs Basic VCO offers a clean sine wave


Andrew some time ago said that digital mode will be added again in the VCO, in the menu when you right click, for the moment use other VCOs, surely there are digital ones.

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Thanks! Yes, basicVCO has two, a clean one and a cleaner one. And of course it takes very little cpu. Yeah to small, too. Of course there are a lot of “digital” sines around, some modules them quite good, no doubt.