Difficulty loading plugins macOS ARM64

Just downloaded the 2.4.0 update for Mac Silicone. I had to redownload all my plugins, which was odd, but I wasn’t too concerned until I tried to open a patch; an error message saying I’m missing some NYSTHI plugins and Valley Plateau. I looked in my plugins folder and can confirm that I have them installed.

Any ideas on what’s going on? Are they just not formatted for ARM64 yet or is there another issue at work?

Nysthi and Valley currently only in x64 format, no arm builds yet.

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Go here :

hover over the date, when it’s older than aug 8 2023 chances are it’s not ported to ARM64 yet.

That is a nice reference, but it does not indicate whether ARM is available. The date you show is the date of the versioned release. But the ARM release is not a new versioned release - it simply adds a new target to the build chain with existing code. There are many plugins with the most recent release prior to Aug 8 that have ARM64 available, my Venom plugin included.

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The other way would be to remove all the plugins from the ARM64 plugin folder, restart Rack and see what plugins are offered in the update. (I guess I’m close) EDIT : Reread what the OP did and it looks like this would not work because it also downloads plugins that are completely useless because they cant be used with RACK ARM64…weird.

Well if op looked in the old folder they would be there. Rack 240 renamed the plugins folder too (as you know just offering a potential explanation)

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