Difficulty in Rack 2.4.0 saving patch

Trying out the new rack 2.4.0 today and get a funny message on attempt to save.

“Could not save patch:Archiver could not write entry to archive: Can’t add archive to itself”

Any help or suggestion appreciated.

I haven’t observed this, so it’s something specific to the patch (or modules in the patch) or the way Rack runs on your machine.

What does it say in the rack log? What OS? Do you run Rack in a special way (pass command line options to change rack folders). What modules are in the patch?

It could be a Rack bug that should be reported to VCV - Support (vcvrack.com), or might be a bug in a specific module that would need to be reported to the module dev.

So there is a phenomenal amount of weird activity in the log, surely due to incompatibility issues with 2.4.0 and many modules, and numerous cannot save messages, numerous path invalid, the rollout is a mess.

I’m running rack pro on Win10, mostly VCV free plugs with a couple instance of the Cytomic filter, HorseADoodleDoo by computerscare, a handful of BOG Audio, a few Surge XT, Flag Prince of Perception, Geodesics Dark Energy, Inpromptu Clocked and GateSeq and MindMeld mixer, Vult Opulus and Knock, Noise Plethora and Percall, everyday stuff for me.

I’m sure updates will correct as we go.