DHE Modules - v0.6.4 2 New Modules

(Dale Emery) #1

I have released DHE-Modules v0.6.4, with two new utility modules: Func and Func 6.

Func scales or offsets its input signal by a selectable amount. You can configure it as an attenuator, attenuverter, gain knob, and five other functions that don’t have common names.

If you need even more Func, check out Func 6. Func 6 is a chain of 6 Func channels, with each channel’s input normaled to the output of the channel above it.

DHE-Modules v0.6.4 also slightly improves the performance of the previous modules.


I’ve wondered for a while whether you’d consider doing thinner versions of the various stages modules
? Like, 1 or 2hp? i think it would make them much easier to use routinely. I don’t stream them as much as i used to but found them really interesting to mess about with.

(Dale Emery) #3

Stage might fit into 1hp, if I can stack six ports and three knobs in a single column. But you’d lose the handy guideline (connect each input to the output to its left) that makes wiring sorta somewhat intuitive-ish.

I think the other stage modules have too many controls to fit comfortably in a single column.

I have made them ever so slightly less CPU intensive, though :wink:


Okay, thanks for responding. I don’t think every module needs to be super slim but if something has a few controls and, more importantly, your not really going to mess with those controls as part of a performance, then it can be quite convenient. The nysthi microslew is the slew limiter i use most, for instance.

(Dale Emery) #5

I have thought about making combo modules that combine two, three, or four stages. That reduces the need for ports, and so reduces the width, at the expense of flexibility. I may get to it eventually.