Developing modules for Windows and Linux and Mac

New to VCV Rack plugin development, having set up for Windows, do I now need to set up for Linux and Mac on those systems as well? In the Library I don’t see different sections or different plugins for the three operating systems. Clearly I don’t understand the architecture here. Are there any pointers to such information?

I have Linux systems galore, WIndows 10, but no Mac.

It’s your choice. You can just do one, then submit to the plugin manager and they will build and distribute all of them. Or you can build all platforms and distribute yourself.

Of course if you develop on only one it’s pretty likely you will have a build error on one of the others. So almost everyone builds on mac or win and then does a sanity check on a VM running Linux.

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You will also find people willing to download your code and build if for different platforms. If it’s open source on github. And it you are nice.

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To answer part of you question. When VCV Rack request updates from the library, it tells the library server which operating system it’s running on, and the library delivers the correct build.

If your code is open-source, then when you submit an update to the library, it will build for all the platforms (as Squinky said)

I used to develop on a mix of windows and linux (synchronising two local repos through github). And I would ask mac developers nicely for mac builds. But now I only develop on linux and most of my windows or mac users get their updates through the library.

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