¿developers wanting to be featured in the vcp challenge?

since i recently revived the very cool patch challenge, i am looking for developers that have not yet have their plugins / modules featured yet, and would like to see people making patches with their work.

i prefer open source or otherwise free plugins, as they will see the widest usage. but if commercial plugin devs are willing to do some promotion, i am open to that. you could possibly offer your plugin for free for a limited time, or offer it for free to people featuring it in a video, or offer some kind of other incentive.

you can contact me privately or leave a comment below.


You got me already, and it pleased me.


I wrote my first module, Eugene the Euclidean Rhythm Generator, during this holiday. Seeing others use it and getting some feedback would be awesome.


I can’t recall if you had a challenge featuring an Impromptu module, but if not, I raise my hand! :slight_smile:


Any of the Frequency Domain modules would be fun, since they tend to be kind of “out there” This might be the most straightforward one


we haven’t had impromptu featured yet, tho various modules have appeared in many patches. but it’s about time impromptu got the spotlight!


@rare.breeds and @almostEric both those modules look inspiring! thanks for the idea.

If you like Euclidean rhythms (not to mention crazy polyrhythms and polymeters) there is this:

(plus all of its expanders)

And if you take Euclidean mathematics and apply it to tonality, you get this: :slight_smile:


any other developers interested?

If you wanted to feature either Entrian Acoustic Drums or Entrian Sequencers, I’ll happily offer a free license to anyone submitting an entry.

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