Dev suggestion: put something on your blank LCD panels in the module browser

My Snakia plays a random game until it dies everytime it gets rendered in the browser/library.

The current build made a nice rectangle :relaxed:


What happens is that when you are asked to draw in the browser your “widget” is asked to draw, but it has no “module”. So typically the first thing that happens is everything crashes. Then you say “oh, I better not draw this custom stuff if there is no module”, so you make a separate code path, just in the custom widgets, and make it draw something fun, or more attractive. Or you make it do nothing, which gives these blank widgets that I’m talking about.

The widgets provided by VCV tend to draw ok anyway, so they aren’t a problem.

And in cases like this, there is usually no SVG involved - it’s pure drawing in code. Lines and rectangles, etc…