Dev suggestion: put something on your blank LCD panels in the module browser

I notice a lot of module have blank panels in the browser. Which is natural, but it doesn’t look so hot. Why not put some fake data on them? btw, I’m only picking on JW modules because they are so good. There are plenty of other examples of blank panels, but these are such nice modules they deserve better (imao).



@pgatt It looks like you edited the title of my post. Was there something wrong with it?

I initially thought you meant blanking panels, but you actually mean populate (say for JW) active steps randomly right?

yeah, that wasn’t so clear. I think maybe it was clearer before someone editing the topic, but it was not super clear. Here’s another of my old ones where I put a scale on the piano roll so it doesn’t have the big expanse of empty black: image

Submarine does it too - draw something nice just for the module browser:


Valley’s are fun:


It took me a surprisingly long time to notice that, and I got a big kick out of it when I did. Devs, what else can you hide in your dynamically drawn panel space?


oh, I never noticed that! That’s great.


yeah, I think you tend not to notice it when there’s something there, even it it’s something kind of crazy (like Terrorform!). But if displays are totally blank you really do notice it. At least I do :wink:

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Come for the combiner and wavetable voice, stay for the 7-seg Rickroll!

Agree. The psychology is interesting. Someone with a sequencer module should have it show the Lick in its screenshot state

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look up a few posts where I posted mine. Admittedly the lick is boring. In retrospect I should have picked something more interesting.

Wait, on the Seq++ piano roll? Is that the Lick:



Isn’t it just a scale? I am missing something! :slight_smile:

edit: aaah! Where’s the Lick!?! Am I being Lickrolled? :crazy_face:

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Seq++ piano roll is the picture, above, where the notes are in green. It’s the first 8 notes of a chromatic scale starting at C

Oh good, I haven’t gone insane!! I thought you said you had hidden the Lick somewhere, but I can’t find it!

Edit: I think I understand. Did you take my suggestion as “someone with a sequencer module should hide a lick”, and the lick you hid (and which you said was boring) was the first part of C chromatic?

I was suggesting The Lick

I’ve wondered about this. Do you do this by making the module svg contain the example image, then just draw on top of it when it’s in the rack? Or can you somehow custom draw something just for the module browser?

Yeah sorry just tidying up. I edited it because it didn’t seem clear, but looking back my edit wasn’t super clear either.


Good idea!

ShapeMaster is begging for this treatment…


All your shapes are belong to us?

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Hope that’s alright now.