Detune big range?

Im looking to change the frequency of various oscilators via fm input on the fly So Im seeing something like Detune as the answer but able to do more than just 80 cents, ideally a whole octave. How could I approach this? Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Maybe try STACK by Bogaudio:

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If you want to change the frequency of oscillators by up to an octave, then change their frequency - detune is not intended for this

Exponential FM is essentially the same thing as V/Oct. So if you send +/- 1V into a fully open exp. FM input it will change the frequency of your Oscillator by an octave.

Stack as pointed out by Ahornberg above is really useful for putting in between your V/Oct source and the oscillators V/Oct input for transposing.

Another way of thinking about this is that any polyphonic oscillator being played by a keyboard will do what you want - oscillators running at different frequencies that can be changed on the fly is how chords are played.

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Thank You Steve