Default Cube - new album out today!

The new album Default Cube is out!

2020 is more dystopian than anything I could write, but hey, I try… And there are some positive moments as well. :slight_smile:

I want to thank you all, your support is the only thing that allows me to buy food, now that the live music industry is dead. We’re living release to release. I’m literally alive because of you. Thank you so much. If you like it, please consider sharing the link and let others join our fun synthwavey journey. It’s Bandcamp Friday, which means that they’re waiving their share, giving support to musicians suffering due to Covid.

And now for the interesting stuff:

I believe we have a 60/40 ratio of Rack and other things. A lot of the bass, pads and atmospheres, bells and FM sounds, doubling most synths, arps, noises all kinds of things. It’s been an exercise in making functional polysynths, using a lot of Entrian and Squinky sequencers, using a ton of Squnky, Lindenberg and Vult modules for the sounds, plus lots of others, of course. It could be more, but hey… you can’t argue with Diva, Linndrum and a real Moog. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy weekend everyone, hope you enjoy!


aaah… Tubular Bells :+1:


Sounds great, an early Christmas present to myself! Always the best ones I find! Music artists are the forgotten ones in all this covid shit!


Damn you and your catchy musics :slight_smile:

I’ve popped my Bandcamp cherry by grabbing your back catalogue. I’m praying you didn’t make one album of synth pop and the rest is death metal :upside_down_face:

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Thank you guys, appreciate it very much. :slight_smile: