Default block size increase?

(Jim Frye) #1

A thought occurred to me after reading yet another post on fb of stuttering sound, that it might make sense to change it to default to the maximum, or at least raise it up some. If this causes trouble in hardware configurations, they are usually advanced users and know to change it. But the first time user would be less likely to know to increase it. I hope that makes sense. :slight_smile:

(Cy Ball) #2

Make your own template for new patches. Create a patch with your most used modules which are set at your preferred settings and save it as template.vcv in the Rack folder (Windows, I don’t know Mac or Linux). Every time you use the new button, it will load.
Also, you could set a preset for the Core Audio plugin. Maybe the developers could give us preferred presets that load when a module is first added to a patch.

(Jim Frye) #3

I appreciate the info, but I was not writing for me. I know how to change it and have no issue doing so. It’s to prevent first time users from having trouble. Thanks

(Andrew Belt) #4

256 is 6ms @ 44.1kHz. That’s just under the minimum latency you can detect when playing a MIDI keyboard, so doubling the block size will create audible latency.

(Jim Frye) #5

Understood, it was just an idea. thanks :slight_smile: