Death to, Long live SvgHelper

don’t get involved with technologies like this until you know what your are doing. Just make some modules - it’s easy.

Not sure what you are asking. Do you mean:

setPanel(APP->window->loadSvg(asset::plugin(pluginInstance, "res/vco1_panel.svg")));

So all the modules are the same colour panel. Instead of multiple svg files for each HP, panel HP sized of colour.

EDIT: It’s my ZX81 based non-graphical arty design skills getting in the way of code to sound.

EDIT2: An auto AI themed svg from colour quad would be really nice.

setPanel(APP->window->loadAutoSvg(uint8_t hp, NVGcolor foreground, NVGcolor background, NVGcolor tintHint, NVGcolor contrast, long /* * */id, int slugSaltedChaos = 0)) ?

long id = gimmeAutoKnobVec(uint8_t hp, uint8_t count /*, int id*/) ?

std is a real namespace. Not sure why it stops there and not ::optional<?> for a template generic. std::optional - seems legit.

** (since C++17) **,vid:mwBdWVTR-o8

Rack defaults to c++11 and modules need to opt into 17. Optional requires that opt in

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